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The Criminal Grinch –
Posted by on December 24th, 2007

Another update: Add to the list...

And if you're wondering who provides domain name registration to this gang, the answer is RU Centre, based in Moscow.

They're a licensed registrar sanctioned by ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. This is the international body that is supposed to police Internet domain names...but in practice is more like the fox running the hen house. ICANN is run by the companies who register domain names. The more domain names they register, the more money they make. If that means allowing fraudulent registrations by the millions, so be it. As long as the cheque clears, it's good for business.

Sure it means 90 per cent of the world's email is junk, millions of personal computers have been turned into zombies controlled by criminals, and hundreds of thousands of ordinary Internet users have been the victims of various online crimes.

But you know what they say about eggs and omelets: you can't make one without breaking the other.


Update: The Storm gang have switched to a New Year's postcard scam to trick users into infecting their own computers. The web site being touted now is called

Details about this 'holiday' caper can be found">here.


Original post:

If you receive an enticing email message from a stranger in the next few days - exhorting you to visit - don't. If you do, you'll likely be very sorry you did.

It's from a criminal gang - known as the Storm gang - that specializes in spreading malicious computer software (malware) with cutesy holiday come-ons. The malware infects your computer - and can be used to steal your personal information and add your computer to a criminally controlled network of computers.



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