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Day 1, Year 2
Posted by on November 17th, 2007

Back from the matinée - the first matinée they've done in a long time - to celebrate the Downtown Blues Band's 20th anniversary. And our 52nd visit in a row to the Boyce Farmer's Market.

Seemed like a fairly normal justFRED kind of Saturday.

There's a small crew working on justFRED on a daily basis: Stephen handles the servers, software and much of the integration, does most of the final publishing of the home pages, and gets panicky cellphone calls at all hours when equipment or software fails; Mila handles the site's overall look and feel, all of our stunning graphics, including our signs, and does the balloons; Catherine, Mae and Tairie take our photos; Catherine also does much of the video; Karen manages the calendars, the forums and keeps a general watch over the playground; Lindsay sells ads and sponsorships; I take photos and video, help with sales, and write most of the little bit of text we publish.

We have an advisory board, the occasional volunteer, and a lot of people willing to Say Cheese! when they see our cameras.

Yep, a regular fall Saturday in Freddy Beach...



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