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Content Sales
Posted by on November 12th, 2007
How do you balance promotion with fair compensation?

We're still looking for a way to offer selected images for sale on the web site, instead of the all-or-nothing solution we currently have in place. And without having two sets of images: all of them, and the ones we want to sell.

The conundrum facing producers of intellectual property that's easy to digitize and share online is: how do I get exposure for my work while still getting fair compensation for it?

Look at the writhing and convolutions on the part of the RIAA - the Record Industry Association of America as it sues grandmothers and children over music sharing. And the issue is also hitting movie studios, writers, photographers, jewellery designers.

If you can get it onto the's gone.

We haven't found a solution yet. If you can see it on the screen - you can copy it. Fortunately, computer monitors display images at 72 dots per inch, while decent prints start at about 300 dots per inch and double that is an even better starting point.

So we'll keep looking.

We have about 35,000 photos and videos we care about...and more going onto the site every day.



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