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justFRED-0-GRAM Crispy Mornings
Posted by on November 24th, 2008
The overnight temperatures are on the verge of minus double digits -
but there are still signs of life outdoors, from the squirrel on the
mailbox to colourful mushrooms on trees and stumps. Indoors, the
remembrance service at the Fredericton Community Kitchen...

Warm up with a visit to the 10,000 villages craft sale, or get even
warmer with Keith Hallett at the Social Club this afternoon. That and
more in the calendars.

We hope to have some photos in the next day or two from a movie set
in the area, but our movie making prowess pales in comparison with
the newest international centre of film production: Nollywood
(Nigeria). Nigerian film makers are turning out 40-50 features a
week, making it the third largest producer of movies behind Hollywood
and India (nicknamed Bollywood).

Low cost cameras and digital non-linear editing - and a street and
local market based distribution system - are credited with the



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