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Tax Refund Scam – Don’t Fall For It (updated)
Posted by on December 17th, 2008
December 18: More than 48 hours after being alerted that they're hosting a fake Canada Revenue Agency page that's clearly designed to steal private, personal information from Canadians...Maxnet.Co.NZ is still hosting the page. The company touts itself as a leading edge ISP and lists its awards, including finalist for the best ISP in New Zealand on more than one occasion. You'd think they'd be quick to pull a page designed to promote identity theft.


An email arrived yesterday (Dec 16/2008) claiming to be from Revenue Canada and telling me I was due for a surprise refund. And with less than a week to go before Christmas, that's great news, right?

"After the last annual calculation of your fiscal activity we have determined that you are eligible to receive a tax refund of 386.00"

Too bad it's a scam designed to trick you into turning over your personal information - name, date of birth and Social Insurance Number.

So how do we know it's a scam?

Think about it. This is too good to be true, right? And when did RevCan start sending you refund notices by email? They just send a cheque in the mail.

Looking a little deeper - that's what suspicious computer types do - the email didn't actually come from - it came from an Internet site in Saudi Arabia that is doing its best to hide its ownership ( And the web site where this supposed claim form lives (no name - just an Internet Protocal or IP address - That's an Internet company called Maxnet.Co.NZ - based in New Zealand. Now kick me if I'm wrong, but I don't think RevCan has set up shop in New Zealand. Where you can enter your personal information and get a pre-Christmas tax refund.

One of the giveaways that this is a scam that doesn't require that sort of technical expertise - look at the link to French on the phony page. The scammer obviously doesn't know how to create the French characters properly and the result is a link to Fran?ais. Can't imagine RevCan making that kind of mistake.

You may have heard the Privacy Commissioner bemoaning the fact that Canada has no anti-spam law - one of the very few industrialized countries in the world that has not taken concrete steps to stop the scourge of increasingly criminal activity -  and is becoming know as a haven for cybercriminals. The nature of this latest scam - looking for SIN numbers, DOB and full name - suggests that while it came from the Middle East and the trick web site is hosted near Middle Earth - the criminals behind this latest online fraud are based right here in the Great White North.



November story on CBC:

"Warning issued over fake letter from Canada Revenue Agency"">

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National Do Not Call List To Go Live September 30, 2008
Posted by on July 31st, 2008
Tired of telemarketers calling you just as you sit down to supper with your family or racking up charges on your cell phone?

After years of complaints from Canadian consumers, the federal government is expected to launch the National Do Not Call List (DNCL) today, a nation-wide registry that telemarketers will be required to honour or face fines of up to $15,000 per infraction.

Currently, each telemarketer is required to maintain and honour its own DNCL, a duplication of effort and a main pain for Canadians who must register with each individual list, a system that has all the earmarks of being designed to be unusable.

While the national DNCL will be free for consumers, and is expected to reduce annoying telemarketing calls, there are also enough exceptions to guarantee your mealtimes and cellphone won't be entirely free of annoying calls. So who are these exceptions allowed by the politicians who put the legislation into place?

- politicians
- registered charities
- newspapers selling subscriptions
- firms conducting public opinion polls
- companies that have an existing business relationship with you
- and calls to businesses.

Further details can be found here.

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Overpriced Rogers iPhone Finally Comes to Canada
Posted by on June 30th, 2008
After holding up the Canadian launch of the iPhone for more than a year, Rogers finally released the pricing plan for the coveted Apple product and guess what? Canadians - at least those fool enough to sign up for a 3-year deal costing more than $3,000 total - will continue to pay among the highest mobile communication rates in the world.

Not the Western world. Not the developed world. The WORLD world.

But the good news is that the rip-off-rates announced by Rogers for the iPhone have begun a groundswell of complaints about the protectionist barriers that let Canada's telcos rake in huge profits (Rogers' $898 million profit on sales of $2.5 billion) while relegating the rest of us to stoopid consumer status.

The worst of it isn't the pain of paying more than the rest of the world to communicate while on the go. The worst of it is that by delaying mobile adoption - and that statistics are clear that mobile communication adoption in Canada is lagging - we become late adopters.

So does that matter? You bet it does. The early adopters have the best opportunity to become producers of the next generation of products and services in the mobile world. But thanks to protected pricing for the telcos, we've been forced to wait around until most of those seats are filled. The seats that are left are for consumers, and that's not the section you want to be in if you care about Canada's economic future.


Posted in News and Announcements, Site News breaks the 10,000,000 page barrier…!!!
Posted by on May 10th, 2008
When we launched away back in November of 2006, we hoped it would generate some interest and, eventually, turn into a viable local business.

And sometime between late Friday and early Saturday,'s web servers dished up our 10-millionth page.

What's even better news for us is that in late 2007, we changed many of our home page links to point to slideshows rather than individual gallery pages. In technical terms, a slideshow counts as one page. Under the old system, a visitor viewing 20 photos would ring up 20 pages. Under the new system, watching a slideshow of 40 photos counts as one page. So the change initially resulted in a drop in our daily average. Slowly, but surely, even that couldn't prevent from reaching the 10,000,000 page milestone.

So now that we've passed that magic number, what next? Ten more mililion, of course, and in a shorter period of time.

While we know we can take some of the credit, we also know that without you, our loyal visitors and supporters, we'd still be in the thousands of pages rather than double digit millions. So means a lot.

Now if you'll excuse me...YAAAAAAYYYYYYYYY.......


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City of Fredericton Flood Bulletin – May 2, 2008 (Various Topics)
Posted by on May 2nd, 2008
The following provides the most current update on flooding issues in Fredericton.

Important Numbers

Fredericton Non-Emergency Flood Info Line

Canadian Red Cross

NB Power

NB River Watch 2008

River Watch (Fredericton Info), See River Watch link for:
Telephone numbers, road closures info, press releases, maps, photos, and important links.

Current River Levels

NB River Watch 2008 reports that Friday’s river level in Fredericton is expected to be at 8.2 metres, with Saturday down to 7.7 metres.  The City of Fredericton has been cautioned that while the river level is dropping slightly, high water will remain above the 6.5 metre flood stage for some time.  The City of Fredericton will continue to rely on NB EMO modelling for more accurate information.

Roads & Streets

Approximately 50 roads and streets remain closed in the City of Fredericton.  Motorists are encouraged to avoid Lincoln Road, Waterloo Row, Union Street – east of Gibson, Riverside Drive and Lower St. Mary’s.

Both bridges remain operational.  The Main Street on ramp is the only ramp not covered by water on the Westmorland Street Bridge.  Access on and off the north side of the Princess Margaret Bridge continues to only be the Marysville By-Pass. Motorists are encouraged to avoid the downtown area if at all possible.

For those who must use the Westmorland Street Bridge, attempts have been made to adjust traffic lights along Westmorland Street to ease traffic congestion.  Police officers will be available to aid traffic movement along Westmorland Street as required.

Points to Remember

Please avoid bringing your vehicle into the downtown area if at all possible
Be careful along the river’s edge; the river is moving fast and the water is unhealthy
Please respect barricades; they are there for your safety
Recreational boaters are asked to stay off the river; the current is fast moving, there is debris, the water is cold, the wake can damage properties


Water levels remain high in Fredericton and the effects of flooding are still being felt.  The flooding situation continues to be severe down river.  Water will remain above flood stage for the short term.  Safety continues to be the determining factor in recovery.  Watch for information from the province.

Free Transit Day

Friday, May 2, 2008 is Free Transit Day in Fredericton.  Residents can ride the bus for free all day.  For transit schedule information visit the city’s web site at

Unsung Hero Award Ceremony Postponed

The City of Fredericton’s 15th annual Unsung Hero Awards presentation ceremony, scheduled for Friday, May 2, 2008 in the Council Chamber at City Hall, has been postponed due to the flood. It will be rescheduled at a later date.

No Garbage Collection on Flooded Streets

Garbage removal has been affected by the flooding.  If you have water on your street, please hold your garbage and recyclables to the following week.

Sand is available. Bring your own bags.

Sand for sandbagging flooded areas is available at the City’s Regent Street Maintenance Depot from 7 a.m. to midnight but citizens are ask to bring their own bags.

Access Airport via Vanier Highway

Access to the Fredericton Airport from Fredericton is via the Vanier Highway and then through the Nevers Road to Lincoln Road.

Water Supply Safe

The City of Fredericton drinking water remains safe. The water supply comes from wells in the Wilmot Park area, which are not impacted by the flood.

Sluggish Sewer Systems in Flood Zone Normal

In areas where there are flooded streets the sewer system may be “sluggish”.  It will work but the waste water may run away slowly.  That should be considered “normal”. If fixtures (toilets, sinks, etc.) are below street level (for example, in the basement), don’t use them.  Try to block off basement floor drains or fixtures such as sinks that are below street level.


Media Contact:  Wayne Knorr, Communications, City of Fredericton, (506) 474-3389.

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City Sets Up Flood Information Help Line
Posted by on April 23rd, 2008
Fredericton, NB – The City of Fredericton has set up an information help line where flood evacuees can call for information about how to access emergency services.

The Help Line, (506) 460-2096, will be initially staffed from 8:15 a.m. to 4:30 p.m. Monday to Friday. If conditions warrant it will be staffed around the clock

“If we get to a point where evacuations are necessary, the phone line will provide valuable information,” said Fire Chief Philip Toole, Director of the City’s Emergency Measures Organization. “If assistance from family or friends is not available, residents will be assessed and directed to a shelter, set up by the Canadian Red Cross, where they can stay.”

Canadian Red Cross Registration Centres will be set up for anyone forced out of their homes. This allows family and friends to call a designated telephone number to determine where people have gone. It is recommended that all who leave their homes register. Shelter and registration centre locations will be announced, if they become necessary, said Chief Toole.

If the waters get to flood level, evacuees with pets should contact one of the following to make arrangements to board their pets:
Solid Gold Pet Training and Resort Ltd., 2288 Hanwell Road, 457-1530
Dutch Kennels, 1005 Rte. 10 Highway, 450-9442
Lincoln Pet Hotel, 2310 Lincoln Road, 458-9759

The City of Fredericton established a Disaster Registry last October to help rescue workers find elderly residents who need help the most during an emergency. Seniors who are medically frail or housebound, have a mobility, vision, or hearing impairment can register with the City to take advantage of this service, which is jointly managed by the City of Fredericton Emergency 911 Dispatch and the Barkers Point Lions Club. For information about the Disaster registry, call Sharon Everett of the Barkers Point Lions Club at 459-1465.

Valuable information about river levels will be broadcast on local radio stations, including Information Radio at 93.3 FM.   Valuable information about what to do before, during and after a flood is also available online at the New Brunswick EMO River Watch website at

The federal government also has a website which provides valuable information on sustaining yourself in the event of an emergency for at least 72 hours before assistance may be available at

Links to these sites and other flood-related information are provided on the City of Fredericton website at


Media Contact:  Wayne Knorr, Communications, City of Fredericton, 506-460-2181

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justFRED-0-GRAM The End of March
Posted by on March 31st, 2008
A fitting end to the month of March: a rosy sunrise, the thermometer to climb into the single digits and then a chance of MORE SNOW. Thank goodness for St. Patrick's Day or we wouldn't have seen any green at all.

The Galleries

You'll find everything from the final visit to The Market for the month, to the maple syrup weekend at Kings Landing, to a misplaced photo shoot on the set of a local film, to the launch of the Cathy Hutch CD at Musiplex...and more...

The Calendar

Several blood donor clinics, the Monday night film series sponsored by the NB Film Coop, and a lecture by former Prime Minister Paul Martin hosted by Engineers Without Borders.


During the CD launch at Musiplex on Saturday, Cathy Hutch and BJ McKelvie performed 'I'm In Here', a song they co-wrote based on their experiences as parents of autistic children. According to statistics out of the UK, this scourge is now affecting more than 1 child in every hundred, a huge increase in recent years. A portion of the proceeds from the song - which is beginning to attract international attention - will go towards the creation of an autism treatment centre in New Brunswick.

A positive way to end a tough winter month...


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justFRED-0-GRAM Ready for April
Posted by on March 27th, 2008

Lawyers (ok - law students) pulling on boxing kit and battering each

other? We couldn't miss that. Especially since it's for a good cause

- raising funds to fight the use of landmines. You'll also find some

signs of spring, the rest of our photos of the house explosion,

smiling faces from around town and more photos of the construction of

the new Northside Canadian Tire store.

In the calendar today, Marshall Button (Lucien) playing auctioneer

tonight at Dolan's Pub.

There are also several free lectures, punk rock yoga starts at Boom

nightclub, and more:

Our auction poll / contest ends today with the winners announced

tomorrow. The response has been pretty slow - good news for the few

who entered - but we would have liked a bit more feedback. What do we

plan to auction? Whatever we can talk sponsors into offering: tickets,

books, CDs, etc. What do you think we should ask for?

If you haven't voted or comments, now's your chance:


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justFRED-0-GRAM Catching up
Posted by on March 25th, 2008

We've been busy over the Easter Weekend as you can see from the photo

galleries...from a visit to the market, to the SPCA, a couple of

different 'office' visits, signs of spring and - unfortunately -

winter, a concert at Musiplex...

In the calendars today, from bingo to cadets:

And in our world, we've decided to test our auction software which is

part of our online classifieds. We'd like your feedback - and are

turning it into a contest.

You'll find the first auction items here:

The poll and contest are here: (Tthe prize is a copy of the new Cathy

Hutch CD to be released on Friday)


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justFRED-0-GRAM You Call This Spring?
Posted by on March 20th, 2008

Snow to ice pellets to freezing rain to rain to snow doesn't sound

very spring-like to me. But then I'm probably very tired of winter

and too old to rejoice over yet another snow day and the

cancellatiion of classes.

In the galleries, the first of our photos of the Multicultural Fair

at the Boyce Farmer's Market, the Fredericton Chamber's Distinguished

Citizen Awards for 2008, some sidewalk sliding and more...

In the calendar - you really should check first given winter's

determination to give us another bit of nastiness - Dirty Deeds AC/DC

Tribute at Musiplex, archeologist Steve Dyson's lecture at UNB, the

opening of the Spring exhibition at Gallery 78, and more...

And the winner of the pair of free tickets to the DIrty Deeds AC/DC

tribute contest is:


Thanks to everyone who took part in the contest.

And since tomorrow is Good Friday followed by Easter Weekend, our

next copy of the Daily Fred will come to you next Tuesday morning

when we'll have more free tickets and some music CD's to give away.

From all of us here at justFRED, have a safe and happy weekend...


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